AHAS provides the following services to FAS Arts and Humanities Faculty members, TA’s and TF’s. Please click on a header to view more information.

Photocopying, Scanning

Our two AHAS centers provide free last-minute and emergency photocopying services for course-related or departmental materials, as well as back-up or overflow copying when department photocopiers are out of order or at capacity use.

AHAS follows all Harvard and Federal copyright guidelines and laws when copying published materials. For more information on copyright laws, please visit our AHAS Copyright Guidelines page, or the US Copyright Office website. For more detailed questions regarding copyright laws, please contact the Harvard University Office of the General Counsel for assistance.

AHAS is able to provide the following print, copy, and scanning services:

  • Print copies from docs or PDFs via e-mail, for teaching and development curriculum
  • Copy and/or scan articles or books to PDF, within fair use copyright restrictions (Please see the Copyright section of this website for more information)
  • We can make copies using the following paper sizes: 8.5”x11”, 11”x14” (legal), 11”x17”

At this time, AHAS does NOT provide the following:

  • Color copying services.  If you are in need of color services please see our resources page for local copy and print centers who may assist you. 

You can request photocopying services through AHAS via the following methods:

  • Faculty may send materials to be printed directly to AHAS via email. AHAS is able to print documents of most file types including Word, WordPerfect, Excel, and PDF formats. If you email documents to be printed after business hours, please allow at least 1 hour for production the following business morning. We encourage submitting materials as far in advance as possible in order to ensure timely order completion. Please submit e-mail requests to (AHAS e-mail address, for the time being use
  • Drop off your bound or flat originals at one of our two HFS Center locations. If the original copy is a book, please include the specified range(s) of pages with the other details of your request (see below for what to include).

Please specify the following information when placing your request:

  • An exact deadline for when copies need to be ready (if via e-mail, state this in the subject line)
  • Number of copies required
  • Format Instructions: 1- or 2-sided printing, stapled or loose pages, 3-hole punching, booklet, paper size, etc.
  • Location for pickup (Barker or Boylston)
  • If your order contains tests or other confidential items that need to be kept locked away
  • Any additional requests or special needs

Financial and Human Resource Applications

The AHAS financial associate provides a wide range of financial assistance to client departments. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Approve PCard transactions
  • Process departmental invoice payments (HCOM)
  • Process employee/Citibank corporate card transactions
  • Process general ledger journals (Oracle GL)
  • Process non-employee reimbursements
  • Process travel and expense reimbursements (Web Voucher)
  • Register vendors (W-9)
  • Time and Labor Entry and Approval

Additional services are available upon request:

  • ASPeRIN appointments
  • Backup CONCUR approvals
  • PeopleSoft- Time & Labor, Absence Management & Student Quick Hires
  • Process TF and TA appointments (AURORA)

For additional financial resources and forms, please visit our Resources page. Please send any questions and requests to Genesee Johnson.

Document Shredding

AHAS also provides shredding of confidential or sensitive business, class and department related materials. Document shredders are available at both Barker and Boylston locations for secure and confidential document destruction.

To ensure confidentiality, documents to be shredded must be hand-delivered to an AHAS staff member at either of our two locations. For orders larger than 3 boxes, or orders containing hardcover-bound or plastic spiral-bound documents, please contact us to coordinate Datashredder pickup services. If you have any uncertainty as to whether your documents can be processed in our office or if they necessitate Datashredder services, please contact us in order to discuss the details of your shredding needs.

If boxed, documents to be destroyed should be clearly labeled. Please note that documents to be shredded cannot be left in a drop box nor picked up without a faculty or staff member present for confirmation.

Library Courier Service

AHAS Centers provide courier service to return books to Widener Library. Faculty may drop-off books to be returned at either of our two AHAS center locations. AHAS is not responsible for late fees nor do we guarantee same day return of books.